Jun 21, 2009



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I am strugglin' to get switched over to Tumblr.  I'm just so used to this layout and can't seem to make my tumblr look like how I want it.  So I'm working on it! I promise.  I've even already been writing blogs to put on there haha.  

Jun 11, 2009


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May 30, 2009

Stupid Head

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On our last tour... my camera got stolen and I lost my MacBook charger.  So I've hardly been on the internet or taking pictures.   I think I'm gonna go pick up a new camera today.

and after the overwhelming responses to my Blogger vs. Tumblr....

I think I might make the switch to Tumblr here pretty soon.  Just seems like easier access to way more people. 

PS - I AM STOKED THAT BLINK 18(3-1) is back together. 
May 10, 2009


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I've been told by some people to move my blog back to Tumblr...

What are your thoughts??? 

May 7, 2009


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I feel like I start out my blogs with an apology a lot, so this time, I am not going to apologize for not blogging for a little while.  We've been crazy busy.  The Copeland tour is over.  I miss everyone that was on that tour.  They were some of the most amazing people I've met in this industry.  So if any of you are reading this... I love you and can't wait until we cross paths again.

This last weekend we got to hang out and play at Bamboozle 2009.  It was my first major festival with the band and it was amazing!!  We hung out all day Saturday just meeting people, selling CDs, and watching bands.  It ended up being a gorgeous day and I'm pretty sure the majority of the 30,000+ people that were there got a sun burn... including myself. Watching Third Eye Blind in person was amazing.  What a great band!

(photo: thebamboozle.com)

On Sunday, we weren't so lucky with the weather... it poured rain all day.  We spent most of the day out in the rain with everyone else, just hanging out again and meeting as many people as we could.  Thanks to everyone who said hello!  It was really a pleasure meeting all of you.  And thanks to everyone that came to our signings and/or VIP performances.  We played on the Zumiez stage a little after 7 p.m..  I was blown away by the support a lot of you guys gave us.  So many of you were out there singing along to every word of every song.  That is such a great encouragement for us, and we can't even begin to thanks you enough.

Also on Sunday I got to watch No Doubt.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but was absolutely blown away by their performance.  Gwen Stefani can still go nuts and not even miss a note, even after having 2 kids!!  It was really a moving experience for me seeing them live because Tragic Kingdom was one of the first records I taught myself to play drums to.  I used to sneak into my sister's room as a kid and put on Tragic Kingdom and listen to "Sunday Morning" on repeat.  Ha ha!

(Photo: thebamboozle.com)

Anyways, a lot of things were put into perspective for me after being at a festival like that.  I've been with This Providence for about 2 years.  I personally, and the band, both went through a sort of identity crisis this last year.  Hence the name of our new record, WHO ARE YOU NOW?  We all were experiencing things that were shaping who we were at the time and who we were to become.  It took us awhile to write our new record, partially because of that identity crisis.  I think we all kind of realized that This Providence was turning to a new chapter in its life and that some things were definitely changing.  It seems that this alienated some of our older fans as we have progressed and in a sense become a new band.  For any of you who feel that way, we are sorry, but hopefully even you can let go of who we may have once been and grow up with us.  :)

I had the opportunity to talk to TONS of fans, and friends of This Providence this last weekend at Bamboozle and let me tell you.... it was TRULY an honor.  We all came to the realization that we have some of the best people in the world that follow us.  We LOVE all of you, seriously.  There was so many faces we recognized from countless other shows we've played all over the country, and you came out and had a blast with us.  I really feel humbled by the experience.  So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank-you.

There's also been a lot of talk about people wanting us to do a headlining tour.  I'll tell you first hand, we can't wait and are crossing out fingers that the day comes soon.  The more support we have from you, the faster that day will come.  So as a shameless plug, please buy WHO ARE YOU NOW? If you downloaded it, PLEASE pick up a copy for yourself.  We need your guys' help now more than ever.  I'm looking forward to an awesome summer touring with Hey Monday, The Friday Night Boys, The Bigger Lights, and Stereo Skyline.  Please come out and hang with us!  It's going to be a blast! 

Again thanks for all you support!! 

Lots of love,


Apr 24, 2009

Ace Enders and a million other people in the smallest room I've ever seen....

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We had a day off from the Copeland tour a couple days ago.  A day off from the tour that is, but not a true day off.  We played at the Trocadero in Philly's China Town for Ace Ender's CD release show.  It was my first chance meeting the guys, and I'll tell you first hand they are great dudes, and are fantastic live.  Check them out on tour now with The All-American Rejects!  Thanks again Jason for letting me use your drum kit.

 The show got moved from the main room to the "Balcony Bar" and it was PACKED.  We had a good 'ol sweaty time ha ha.  How did all these people fit in there!??

Out front of the venue they have a screen that advertises all the upcoming shows.  For some reason this time is was heavily decorated with scantly clad Barbie dolls partying it up.  Looks like they had a wild time in there.  While we were waiting to load our gear into the venue, I watched this cute little kid that kept running up to the window.  He kept leaning down and turning his head sideways... I think he was trying to look up the Barbie's skirts!  Was one of the funniest things I've seen this tour... and adorable.

The night was exhausting, as this tour has been for us, so I made a little bit of time and went and got some INCREDIBLE sushi.  I love sushi.  It's so good and I always feel so fresh after I eat it.  I rarely get to eat it, especially on tour because it's a little too expensive... and my band won't go anymore... that's right... they're freakin' lame. Haha.
I've been pretty lazy the past couple weeks and have hardly pulled out my real camera.  So I apologize for my crumby iPhone pictures.  I'll take some real pictures eventually.  And also sorry I haven't been online much either here or my myspace.  I usually am much better at responding to messages, but I lost my MacBook charger.  So lame....